Camp Kindle Returns

Camp Kindle Returns

Camp Kindle is a virtual creative retreat! This season is all about hygge and coziness.

We’ve just started our winter session which will run January through March.

You can join in at any time!


During camp we’ll learn crafts like needlefelting,

crochet (I have a special technique for recovering perfectionists!),

snuggle up with our favorite books,



swap snail mail,

and go on micro-adventures.


Click here for more information and to watch the Camp Kindle welcome video.


See you at camp!






What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that allows you to support your favorite creators directly. This is a wonderful way to create from your heart without relying on advertisers or the ebb and flow of seasonal sales.

Click here to learn more.

Is this the same thing as Cozy Camp?

Yes, and no. We’ll be doing similar things as we did last year, but from now on all of our virtual camp outs will be under the same name… Camp Kindle.


When can I order badges?

I’ve had a bit of a snafu with the badges over the holidays. The first order arrived and were missing their pin backs. Pesky pixies! I’ll update you when they arrive and are ready to order.


When can I order a craft bundle?

Similarly, I am waiting for 1-2 items to arrive before I can list the craft bundles. They will be available exclusively on Etsy this year so it can calculate shipping to wherever you call home.


What is the Kindle Curiosity podcast?

A new project I am launching in 2018…
I’ll be chatting with all types of folks about curiosity and the creative process.