A Gentle New Year

A Gentle New Year

I’ve never been one to set sweeping New Years resolutions so I’m enjoying the shift I’m seeing in online spaces recently. Choosing guiding words, setting intentions, or just hunkering down for the winter and setting goals in the spring. Here are some of my favorite resources for stepping gently into the new year.



One of my intentions for the new year is to rekindle my gratitude practice. I find that a journal with daily prompts is the best way for me to keep at it consistently. My favorites are the beautifully illustrated A Life of Gratitude (by @little_truths_studio on IG) and the classically simple Five Minute Journal (which also has an app.)



I also love choosing a new planner each Janaury. This year I am switching from a full size desk planner to this beauty! Katie Daisy’s planner is fully illustrated and easily portable with weekly and monthly spreads. I’m smitten!

(As a bonus this is an academic planner so its now half price! I just tore out the 2018 planner pages to use for collage and it still has Jan-Dec 2019.)



And my favorite ritual for intention setting is Susannah Conway’s (free) Unravel Your Year workbook. I’ve been using it since 2016 (back when I got fancy and made a mini bound version.) Since then I print it full size and stick it in a binder.

The prompts are gentle and thoughtful and help you unravel the past year before setting fresh intentions for the year to come. I love looking back at these and seeing how my intentions become manifest. (Last year’s was all about motherhood and starting a podcast.)


How are you gently transitioning into the new year?


I’d love to hear! Let’s chat on IG or in comments below.