Adventure Generator

Adventure Generator

I’ve been secretly testing a printable for you. I call it…

The Adventure Generator.

It’s filled with ideas to help you decide upon your next adventure. Whether you’re feeling stuck in a rut or are just looking for inspiration. {I’ve also heard that it’s great for entertaining kids on snow days!} 😉

The printable has a series of prompts with three parts… an action, a modifier, and a destination.

You flip through each section and end up with a randomly generated adventure. This is a great tool to slip a little adventure into your life.

Before I let the Adventure Generator out into the wild I recruited some Venturers to help me test it out. Here are some sneak peeks of their adventures…

Tamzen braved the winter snow to photograph a hidden spot. {So pretty!}

Cara got the kids involved to map a large game. The mini-cartographers drew their own maps and went on a treasure hunt for a golden tin of cookies! {How adorable?}

One thing I loved about seeing the Adventure Generator at work was how every adventure is unique… even when the prompts are similar.

And I love how Brittney summed the experience up, “It’s a fun way to explore without having to take big grand adventures. You can simply look at your backyard, a park, or a familiar area in a new way.”

{That’s what Kris with a K did when she got find a hidden park in the middle of a Canadian snowstorm.}

There are some basic instructions included for how to assemble the Adventure Generator, but I encourage you to be creative and make it your own.

And look how adorable Masa’s is all cut out and colored! {She said she earned cool sister points by procuring a treasure map for her bored younger brother.}

And Cara sewed hers up with the most adorable sewing machine stitch I’ve ever seen!

Ready to join in on the fun?!?

Get your own copy of the Adventure Generator below and get ready for your own adventures! I can’t wait to see where the winds of chance take you. 🙂



Sign up here for access to this freebie.


Be sure to share your adventures on social media using #KindleCuriosity. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites.


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  • Congrats on the launch! I realize now that I never sent you my pictures…but I’ll post my post next week so you can see it! I love this handy adventure generator!

    • No worries! Can’t wait to see your post! Thanks for being a test subject. 🙂

  • Lucy Parsons

    This looks so cool, and could be a life saver in the two week Easter holiday with two very curious children in tow. Thanks, Sarah!

    • Awesome! Let me know how your adventures go. 🙂

  • Nancy Gaines

    What a fun and lively post! I’m really looking forward to photographing a cooking adventure I’m taking with my 11 year old grandson! We’d been procrastinating (okay, it was me) and this idea made it seem more fun for the both of us! Thanks a bunch, Sarah, I’ll keep you posted! ?

  • These are so neat, Sarah! I think you’ve done a brilliant job bringing this idea to life. You’re inspiring others and making others use their noggin’ to be more creative in life. Two thumbs up!

  • This is super cute!

  • Very cool – can’t wait to give it a go and get the kids involved too!!

    • Awesome! I can’t wait to see your adventures! 😀

  • Fanny Seto

    This is super cute!

  • Awesome! Love the 2 recipes and Cara’s cookie game too! Maybe there’s a pattern here…I think I’m hungry 😉


  • This looks like so much fun! The hunt for golden tins of cookies is so clever!

    • Thanks Amy! Let me know if y’all try it out! 🙂

  • Such a good idea!

  • Erika Swafford

    This looks really fun, Sarah! I can’t wait to try this out!

    • Thanks Erika! Can’t wait to see photos. 🙂

  • Yay! I went on my adventure today and it was super fun. Thank you for sharing this super cool printable!

  • Oh Sarah!! I totally forgot to do this… I’m so sorry. Must do this with my boys. This looks amazing. It looks like your testing went very well indeed. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week’s issue.

    • No worries! You can share any time. I’ve decided on First Fridays for my Adventure Link up so you can pop by and share it for one of those. 🙂 Have fun venturing!

  • I love, love, loved the choose your own adventure books when I was young. This idea is so nostalgic to me, I can’t help myself but to join in. You’ll see me pop up for your #WeeklyVenture. Such a fun idea.

    • Yes! They were the best books EVER! Turns out a lot of us grown up adventurers loved those as kids. Can’t wait to see your adventures. 🙂

      So glad you dropped by. Thanks for commenting!

      P.S. I’m also launching a new adventure themed link up next week (it’ll be every first Friday) so feel free to come and link up any adventure-related blog posts to that as well.

  • This is the cutest thing I have seen. I must remember to print this for my kiddos this spring/summer