The (FREE) Adventurer’s Handbook

The (FREE) Adventurer’s Handbook


You, my friend, are an adventurer. Yes… you.

The best thing about adventure is that it comes in all shapes and sizes… from traveling the world, to exploring your neighborhood, or between the pages of a good book. Adventure can be anything that takes us out of our everyday and expands our horizons.

Does your inner adventurer feel neglected?

I’m here to help! I just finished creating The Adventurer’s Handbook just for you. It’s full of interactive pages and exercises to help rekindle the adventurer inside of you.

"The Adventurer's Handbook helped remind me how much of a die-hard adventurer I really am, and always have been, and how important it is to remember & embrace that part of me." - Caela

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the day to day. Tasks like answering emails and keeping up with laundry can distract us from all the opportunities that surround us.

I’ve been there. But with the launch of A Love Letter to Adventure I’ve rededicated myself to putting the adventure into the everyday. And I’m here to help you do the same.

I believe that it’s a universal phenomenon to under-appreciate wherever you live. Whether it’s your nation’s capital or a small village it’s all too easy to overlook what makes your area unique.

That’s why I chose to begin The Adventurer’s Handbook with mini-adventures designed to open your eyes to the adventures all around you.

You’ll start with activity pages reminding you of forgotten passions, and dreams you keep stamping down because they “aren’t practical”. One of the my reader’s favorite pages was Doodle Dreams… a place to remember what you loved doing as a child.

{WARNING: This eBook is not for stuffy fuddy duddy’s like Mr. Darling from Peter Pan. Some fun will be required.}

The handbook has plenty of checklists and prompts to help you along your way. There’s also a printable treasure map to chart your grand adventure.

It’s perfect for marking down potential challenges and the landmarks you’ll encounter along the way.

"The Adventurer's Handbook is a neat, interactive way to remind yourself that adventuring runs in our veins, from childhood to adulthood." - Tamzen

I designed this free printable as a gift to all of my newsletter subscribers. Still not convinced? Download the teaser page before signing up…

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I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.


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P. S. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Adventures are more fun when they’re shared. 🙂