Adventures in Fashion | London Style

Adventures in Fashion | London Style

It wasn’t until I lived in London for a year that I really began to explore fashion. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90’s when the style was all crop tops and bucket hats. Maybe it’s because I was a theatre techie in college and developed a wardrobe of solid blacks. But as soon as I arrived in the UK I started seeing clothing that actually looked like *me*.

I found myself staring longingly at a stranger’s boots on the Tube, and wondering where they found such cute dresses. Then I was drawn into clothing stores, and *le gasp* was buying clothes that weren’t solid black. After all I needed professional clothes for after I graduated, right?

eShakti Autumn Fashion | Navy Trench

Many a day I wandered past Burberry dreaming of wearing one of their trench coats. Every adventurer needs a good trench, right?

But without the $900 to drop on a Burberry I put the dream away. Until recently when I discovered that Eshakti makes custom tailored trenches for just $99.

I’ve loved ordering from Eshakti for years. I even ordered my sister’s bridesmaid’s dress from them for my wedding. That’s trust. So when they asked me to write a review it was a no brainer.

Don’t worry, sponsored posts aren’t going to start popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

But this company is worth checking out. I promise. 

As a curvy lady I often have trouble finding dresses that fit me properly, but Eshakti makes everything to order around your measurements. I’ve ordered multiple times from them and adored everything they’ve made for me. Plus, their classic vintage style is very London. 😉

eShakti Autumn Fashion | Navy Trench

So this is me attempting to channel my inner Clothes Horse. Modeling is hard! Especially when you’re used to being behind the lens. {Many thanks to my sister Mary for taking these photos.}

And without any further ado here is my London inspired look…

eShakti Autumn Fashion | Navy Trench

eShakti Autumn Fashion | Navy Trench


{Navy Trench : Eshakti | Tunic & Belt : Topshop | Cardigan : New Look | Jeans : Next |
Boots : ALDO | Saddle Purse : ASOS | Necklace : The Rusted Key on Etsy}

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Oh, I almost forgot!

eShakti created a special offer just for you! Simply enter sarahshotts as a discount code before December 28th and you’ll get 10%  off.

What’s your favorite style? Let’s chat in comments.



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