Andrea Debbink

Andrea Debbink

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Meet Andrea Debbink



Andrea Debbink is an editor, writer, stylist—and habitual daydreamer—who has spent the past decade working in publishing. By day, she’s a magazine and book editor at American Girl where she specializes in nonfiction content that empowers girls to explore their creative potential. Her new book from American Girl, Spark: A Guide to Ignite the Creativity Inside You, is available now wherever books are sold. When Andrea’s not creating for work, she’s probably creating for fun or exploring the outdoors with her hiking boots or kayak.


Connect with Andrea at, Instagram & Goodreads. She’s always up for a good book recommendation, cookie recipe, or hiking trail!






Here’s a peek at Andrea’s new book from American Girl, Spark: A Guide to Ignite the Creativity Inside You.



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We talk about…

  • growing up in a reading family
  • spending time outside as a kid
  • love of history
  • studying journalism & history
  • internship at American Girl
  • editing magazines
  • growth of digital media
  • changes in the world of magazines
  • working as a lifestyle editor
  • developing & writing magazine features
  • styling photo shoots
  • working for a kid’s magazine
  • renaissance in children’s illustration
  • planning a magazine issue
  • working in a collaborative environment
  • the team of people who are involved in creating a book
  • four stages of the creative process
  • creativity does not have to be artistic
  • diversity and representation
  • the writing process
  • the challenges kids face when creating
  • criticism vs. critique
  • love of travel
  • mountain climbing
  • writing sprints


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"Being creative is about finding the ways that you like to express yourself." Andrea Debbink, Kindle Curiosity Episode 009

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