August 2019

August 2019


I’ve decided to add a section for what I’m creating each month as well as what I’m consuming.


  • Mythbusters Jr. is now on Hulu! (You’re welcome.)
  • Fascinated by Frannerd’s raw and honest account of her illustration journey. Especially as I begin my own.
  • Mesmerized by this traditional Japanese woodworking process.
  • The Secret History of the British Garden with Monty Don. (Going heart eyed over Oxford’s massive Herbarium.)


I’m really enjoying Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking audiobook. (affiliate link: US / CA)

Here are some ideas I’d like to muse on…

  • “Collecting connecting sharing. This is how a creative human works.”
  • “When artists work well they connect people to themselves and they stitch people to each other.”
  • “You’re an artist when you say you are.”
  • “The professionals know they’re winging it. The amateurs pretend they’re not.”

I’ve also begun my year long read through of The Artists Way(affiliate link: US / CA)

I never make notes in my copy so I can read it as if for the first time and see what catches my eye. Here’s what’s resonated with me so far…

  • “No matter what your age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream, it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity.”
  • “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play, instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” C.G. Jung
  • “The most potent muse of all is our inner child.” Stephen Nachmanovitch

Which led me to google Nachmanovitch and led to this gem,

It is the most normal thing in the world to improvise. We improvise every time we say a sentence, but we are told in our veneration of the masters that the creative process is some sort of mysterious and godlike thing only possessed by a few people – when in fact we are improvising all the time, creating all the time.



  • Obsessed with the 1904 Jeremiah Rotherham catalogue on (it’s basically the British version of a Sears Roebuck, but focused more specifically on ladies.)


I enjoyed Austin Kleon’s episode of The Good Life Project so much I listened through once in the car and once again to take notes. Here they are. All quotes are from Austin Kleon unless otherwise noted.

  • “I think all creative work exists on a spectrum and any time you spend doing something creative builds up over the years. All those hours… trying to make something exist that didn’t exist before. That time is never wasted.”
  • Jonathan Fields (podcast host), “I think so much creativity is pattern recognition.” “Common thread, creating something from nothing.”
  • James Kochalka, “If you are a creative person and you’re good at one thing you’re probably good at another thing”
  • “[Creativity is] a willingness to start from an unknown spot.”
  • Jonathan Fields, “Such a huge risk for having other people define who you think you need to be.” (Re: likes on social media)
  • “Just think about some of your heroes & what it would have been like to have… like Matisse to have a comment section under his cutouts.”
  • Jonathan Fields “Everybody evolves.”
  • “Quest Love knew in their roots every album they were gonna lose half their audience.”
  • “I push a little bit further, but there’s some sort of bridge to follow me over to the next thing.”
  • “Is there gonna be connective tissue… is there gonna be a bridge, or are you gonna have to make the leap with me?”
  • “You can make stuff that’s way out there and not necessarily share it.”
  • “Can I have a venue for myself privately where I try a bunch of crazy stuff and only show it to a few close people?”
  • David Bowie -(I couldn’t find the direct quote, but he was paraphrased to say) Go into some kind of unknown with each project in order to grow.
  • “It’s real tempting to shut up & play the hits.”
  • “[Having kids] reorganizes every atom of your being.”
  • Jonathan Coulton, “I compare the process to becoming a vampire, your old self dies in a sad and painful way, but then you come out the other side with immortality, super strength and a taste for human blood. ” (on having kids)
  • “I never really grew up.” Collage Artist Winston Smith
  • “Writing requires all this time to be unavailable and to be a mother is to be interrupted constantly. And that tension is really there.”
  • “It’s ok not to do things for money. It seems like such a plain stupid message, but we’re at this point now that to say, ‘Hey it’s ok not to do things for profit’ is almost like … foreword thinking or something.”
  • “Part of my work is resurrecting old ideas. You figure out what you hate in the culture right now and go back and dig something up and present it to people again.”
  • “There’s some people who don’t like to go along on the weird ride, but those aren’t the people I want hanging out.” (Regarding his email newsletter and only including what he’s actually reading and thinking about at the time.)
  • Thoreau “great American chronicles of the seasons” he repeats himself all the time.
  • “Gardening is about creating rich environments in which plants can thrive.”
  • “All of my books are the residue of me trying to figure this stuff out for myself.”
  • “It’s impossible to be a decent writer without being a reader first.”
  • “I am a fan first.”
  • “How much do you consume vs create? At least 5 to 1! Because you gotta fill up the well in order to pull the water out.”


  • I don’t have any photos this month, but I have noticed the white Milkweed is in bloom! And the Russian Sage is still growing strong.