Lessons in Adventure from #BelleLive

Lessons in Adventure from #BelleLive

Sometimes you just have to climb on the plane & go for it.

When I first heard about #BelleLive I had a brief wistful moment wishing I could go and then put the idea away. That is, until April wrote a blog post looking straight into my soul, and practically compelled me to come. Sometimes you have to go for it even if it seems crazy.

I am so glad I changed my mind and flew to San Francisco to be on the front row at Creative Live. I learned so much, met some amazing people, and stepped out of my comfort zone {from behind the camera and right into April’s “hot seat”!}

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Creative Live I encourage you to go for it! I’ve never met a team of people who were more supportive & amazing. I could gush all day about the experience itself, but what I really want to share with you are my Aha Moments.

Creative Live Studio Front Row

While April was there to teach us about digital products and branding I came away with some unexpected lessons. Here is what #BelleLive taught me about adventure


This concept seemed like rocket science to me. When you have a list of ideas… choose the easiest one. Do it first.


It’s not in my programming to seek out the easiest path first. My overachiever-perfectionist self usually goes for whatever is hardest. {Can I get an amen?}

April pointed out that by starting with the simplest idea {as long as you’re passionate about it} and completing it you give yourself a small win and gain confidence to move on to bigger more complicated ideas. It also gives you momentum.

To put it like Kris with a K, “Keep it Simple Sister.”

I love looking at the concept of adventure through this lens. Not every adventure has to be a giant epic. Start with something easy.

Creative Live, SF

What’s a simple pleasure you love, but rarely allow yourself to indulge in?

Give yourself a mini-adventure today. 

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When you’re passionate about something it shows. It’s contagious. It allows other people to pipe up and admit they’re wild about it too.

We don’t have to be world class potters or scuba divers or painters to start. If we’re longing to try something new we should go for it. Even if we might not be perfect right away. Even if we’re beginners.

Give yourself permission to start where you’re at.

Creative Live, SF


April encouraged us to turn “that doesn’t work for me” into “HOW can this work for me?”

Instead of telling ourselves we don’t have the time or money for adventure right now, why not look for ways we can live more adventurously, right where we are?

  • Sasha Martin traveled the world from her very own kitchen… cooking a dish from every single country.
  • ByElsieB is challenging herself to have a Handmade Christmas and encouraging her readers to do the same.
  • Hundreds of thousands of NaNoWriMo novelists are tapping away at their keyboards and exploring the landscapes of their own imaginations this November.
  • Francine, of Callaloo Soup, began the Slow Reading Challenge, to read a paper book for 30-40 minutes a day.

When we expand our idea of adventure to include our own hometown, our backyard, or between the pages of a good book it opens us up to so many more opportunities to infuse an adventurous spirit into our lives.

Flying to Creative Live

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And for those big dreams… the scary ones… the ones we push into dusty corners and wistfully label “someday.” I challenge you to take them out of your mental attic and do one small thing every day to move toward that goal.

Want to illustrate a children’s book? Get out a pencil and sketch.

Want to visit every single state? Book a weekend trip to the nearest.

Want to start your own business? Sign up for April’s newsletter. {And then check out her Creative Live courses.}

 What is your “someday” adventure?

Let me know what step you’re taking toward it in comments below. 🙂



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