Blanca Mungia

Blanca Mungia




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Meet Blanca Mungia




There’s something magical about sewing your own clothes. This is something Blanca teaches her students at The Heartfelt Workshop. But its about so much more than crafting. Blanca is passionate about teaching children to fulfill their own potential. She starts by sharing stories of her own childhood making mud pies and doll clothes in Nicaragua. Then tells her story of leaving a law career to start her own craft workshop, We talk about perfectionism, developing ideas into reality, and being present as a parent. We also wax lyrical about museums, watercolor paper, and grandmothers.


Blanca Munguia is a Master Crafter and creator of The Heartfelt Workshop. She teaches children ages 7–14 learn the practical arts of sewing and crafting as tools to be happy, inspire self-confidence and connect generations.

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We talk about…

  • making mud pies & doll clothes
  • grandmothers
  • combining passions
  • developing ideas
  • perfectionism
  • being present as a parent
  • letting kids make a mess when they create
  • mindfulness
  • museums
  • travel
  • food
  • sewing


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