Christa David

Christa David



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Meet Christa David

Christa David is mixed media artist, writer and researcher. Fusing the mediums of
painting, collage and assemblage, her work examines themes of faith, power, politics
and identity. In September 2016, after years of “making art in the cracks” (nights and
weekends) along side her demanding work as senior public health researcher at the New
York City Department of Health’s Center for Health Equity, Christa David leaped into
making art full-time. Christa David is proud two time Columbia University Lion, holding
a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies with a Pre-medical concentration
and a Masters of Public Health degree in the history of medicine, public health and
ethics. Her work is held in personal collections throughout the United States and has
been most recently exhibited in a solo show titled – Hidden Like Gold – at the AAA3A
Gallery in Bronx NY and a group show titled – The Art of Breastfeeding: Modern
Narratives of Motherhood – at MF Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Christa David currently
lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Artist Statement

I’ve spent over a decade as a public health researcher and, until very recently, my days
and sometimes nights have been filled with rummaging health data in search of patterns
of death and disease and then putting these findings into context. In my artwork,
context, specifically story, is essential. I care most deeply about the history of our
present-day dilemmas of racial, economic and social inequity. Where’s the root? What’s
the disease? What’s the cause? Where are the injuries? Who’s the injured? Who is the
injurer? And most importantly is there a cure? I use the mediums of painting and
collage ungirded with rigorous historical and epidemiological research to help me
dissect and interrogate these questions. Currently, my collage work exemplifies my
fascination with women of color existing in and outside of space – loud spaces, quiet
spaces, spaces made for us, spaces made by us, in time and outside of time – and my
abstract mixed-media paintings shows these same concepts with vibrant colors, organic
shapes and synthetic fibers. Each piece – whether collage or painting – is my current
understanding of how us women of color understand our relationship with our
ourselves, with each other, and with the universe.




We talk about…

  • growing up with a love of science & art
  • returning to art after a career in science
  • working as a public health researcher
  • poverty’s impact on health
  • artists who work
  • working in multiple mediums
  • the importance of having art in your home
  • contributing to an ecosystem of living artists
  • artists as the consciousness of a society
  • collecting art
  • reading paintings
  • abstract vs. figurative art
  • accessibility of art
  • achieving monumental scale with smaller pieces
  • sourcing images for collage
  • intentionality and research in the creative process
  • writing as part of a visual art practice
  • problem solving as an artist
  • shooting self portraits
  • connecting & sharing work through Insta Stories
  • growing up before the internet
  • meditation
  • stoking the fire of curiosity
  • learning something new every day
  • art practice vs. art business
  • driving work to completion
  • trusting your gut
  • making work to live beyond your lifetime
  • the intersection of art & science
  • using the scientific method in art
  • finding your creative voice
  • dabbling in collage
  • abstract painting as an intuitive practice


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