Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide

Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our first-ever Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide!

I love giving handmade gifts, whether I’m making them myself, or supporting another maker. I also love the adventure of finding the just-right-gift for the just-right-person. This year I’ve gathered some of my favorites from the creative community to share with you. 🙂

Custom Photo Memory Necklace by Red Scorpio

Project STIR Kickstarter Perk - Memory Necklace by Red Scorpio www.sarahshotts.com/projectstir

Richelle can take one of your photos, from a precious memory or an adventure, and turn it into wearable art. She created a wonderful typewriter necklace from a photo I took that fits my style perfectly and is a great conversation starter. I love it! This gift is also great for family heirloom necklaces… like the necklace of Anndi baking with her Mimi.

Click here to visit her shop.


Brush Letter Practice Guide by Random Olive

Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide | Harry Potter Bookscents Candle

I purchased this guide the day it came out. I’d love to be able to add brush lettering to my watercolors. 🙂 This guide is a collection of fantastic printables to help you first trace and then create your own letters. Olivia is such a talented artist and has really created a great resource for those of us who want to learn. 🙂

This gift would be great for the art-sy person on your holiday shopping list.

Click here to visit Olivia’s site.


Harry Potter Amortentia Candle by Bookscents

Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide | Harry Potter Bookscents Candle

Watch out Yankee Candles… there’s a new candle in town. I adore the idea of book inspired candles and love what Nalana is doing with Bookscents. She creates candles inspired with scents from literature… there are candles from Pride and Prejudice, Outlander, Harry Potter, and even Christmas in Whoville. (And lots lots more.)

My Amortentia candle (named after the love potion in Harry Potter) smells wonderful! It has a stronger scent before it’s even lit than most candles do at a full burn. This is definitely the perfect gift for the book lover on your shopping list.

And mark your calendars for November 13th when Bookscents is running a store-wide sale for 30% off. One day only!

Click here to visit the shop.

Gingko Leaf Necklace from Jewels by Trish

Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide | Gingko Leaf Necklace

Trish has made a handful of custom pieces for me to gift and this ginkgo design is one of my favorites. Isn’t it just lovely and delicate? I gave this necklace to my alma mater secret santa last year and she loved it (we have a giant gingko tree on our campus so the leaves are an unofficial emblem of our university.)

Browse Trish’s shop to find a jewelry design you love or message her about custom orders.

Take Along Memory Keeper by The Hooting Pirate

Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide | Memory Keeper

Cara is my muse for memory keeping. I love these pocket filled folders perfect for scrapbooking or journaling on your adventures. She sells these adorable beauties in her shop. If you have a friend who loves to journal or scrapbook she’d adore one of these.

Or if you’re the crafty type you can make one yourself. Cara also has a great video tutorial on how to create your own.


Dishwasher Magnets by Eclectanerd

Holiday Gift Guide | Keep Calm Anglophile Dishwasher Magnets

I have to include my Mama & sister’s Etsy shop… they make fun quirky dishwasher magnets to let you know whether the dishwasher is full or empty. (There’s also a Star Wars version… that’s the one Nathan & I have on our dishwasher.)

Click here to browse the shop.


Custom Photo Ornament by Red Scorpio

Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide | Custom Photo Ornament

How much better is this hand welded heirloom ornament than sticking the Santa photo in a plastic bauble? I love how Richelle is taking our photo memories to the next level with her creations. This would be great for vintage photos or preserving memories from this year. 🙂

Click here to visit the shop.


Which gift is your favorite?




P.S. I know this is a little early in the season, but I am getting ready for a holiday hiatus. 🙂 More on that this Friday.