Connect to Kindred Spirits with #KindleCuriosity

Connect to Kindred Spirits with #KindleCuriosity

So many of you resonated with my blog post about being a Renaissance Woman. Thanks to each of you who reached out to share your own multi-passionate story.

As Anne Shirley would say,

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think.

Many of us are feeling the pressure to niche, to specialize, and to monetize our creativity. I want to create a space for us to connect and share what is lighting us up and sparking our creative natures.

And thus, a hashtag was born…


for creative exploration, inspiration & wonderment.

I’ve spent the past week quietly recruiting the first members of our #kindlecuriosity movement and have rounded up some examples of how you might use the hashtag. I hope you make some new IG friends as you scroll through.


Emily Climbs






Creative Projects












Self Portraits



Supplies & Tools





Food & Recipes


Chats with Friends






These are just some ideas to get you started! Feel free to follow your muse and make your own interpretation.



I’m so excited to see what’s kindling your curiosity!









P.S. If you like you can also join our FB community for weekly-ish curiosity check ins.





Campfire Courtesy of Joshua Newton