Helen Stephens

Helen Stephens


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Meet Helen Stephens



Helen has written and illustrated about thirty books and illustrated a whole bunch more for authors including Sophie Hannah, Cecile Aubry and Michael Morpurgo. Helen‘s book How to Hide a Lion sold in fourteen languages and was nominated for the Greenaway Medal, the UKLA Awards, the Red House Children’s Book Awards. It has been adapted for stage and tours the UK this summer. One of Helen‘s biggest passions is drawing from life, and she started the #walktosee hashtag on instagram. She has recently started to publish her sketchbook drawings inSketchbookzines. She has free resources for illustrators on her website at helenstephens.com. After seventeen years in London she now lives on the windy Northumberland coast with her family and scruffy mutt Peggy. 

Connect with Helen on IG as @helenstephenslion and join her hashtag  #walktosee.

Find Helen’s Sketchbookzines and signed books in her online shop.





We talk about…

  • growing up in the English countryside
  • reading fairy tales under the covers
  • drawing from life
  • transitioning from uni
  • creative playfulness
  • strategies against perfectionism
  • taking time off to reconnect to style
  • inspiration for Fleabag & How to Hide a Lion
  • illustrating a sense of place
  • partnering with the right publisher
  • walking and drawing
  • how internet changed the world of illustration
  • sharing your work
  • dust jackets
  • guarding time to create
  • creating as a parent
  • how to begin drawing


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"I think the place to start is a determination to do it." Helen Stephens, Kindle Curiosity Podcast Episode 008

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