Kindle Book Club

Kindle Book Club

I’m so excited to announce a brand new Patreon perk… the Kindle Book Club!

Click here for the video or keep reading for the short version. 🙂

We’ll be exploring The Wildflower’s Workbook by Katie Daisy first.

I decided on a quarterly pace so there’s no rush to finish. And there’s no official deadline.

The book club is open to Patrons of all pledge levels. Click here to join in. I will open up a discussion thread in the Camp Kindle FB group so we can dip in and out as we each read at our own pace.

You can order the book here (through my affiliate links), buy it at a local bookshop, or dive in for the bundle! I’m now an affiliate of ABE Books as well as Amazon so you can purchase through them to support an independent bookshop.

Who’s in?!