Philippa Stanton

Philippa Stanton



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Meet Philippa Stanton

Philippa has over 20 years experience in the creative arts and is based in Brighton. The inspirational qualities of her photographic imagery have attracted a following of over 400k on her @5ftinf Instagram account and she is passionate about opening up everyone’s visual landscape.

Connect with Philippa on IG as @5ftinf or her website.




Links from this episode…


Plants mentioned…


We talk about…

  • beauty & ugliness
  • comfort zones
  • instagram
  • dissecting plants
  • sensory exploration
  • synesthesia
  • drama school
  • acting
  • growing up
  • stage management
  • creativity from unemployment
  • writing
  • publishing
  • painting process
  • investigation
  • asking questions
  • boredom
  • parenting
  • childhood curiosity
  • telephone boxes
  • natural decay


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