Reviving Project STIR

Reviving Project STIR

I’m rekindling my family recipe project.

We all have memories tied to food. The healing properties of Mamaw’s chicken and rice. Standing on the kitchen stool to help make cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. Licking the beaters at Nonnie’s house after making cake.

Revisiting a cherished family recipe is like using a time machine. Yours may be a curry or a gumbo, or a tortilla depending on where you are in the world, but there is a universal language of love in the family kitchen.

It’s that warm, lovely feeling that’s sparked Project STIR.

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Project STIR (Stories Through International Recipes) is all about connecting people through family recipes.

The inspiration for this project came after sharing this film documenting Mamaw’s Chicken Dumplins.

I was heart warmed by how much the story resonated and how everyone seemed to have their own recipe story to share.



I was swept away by invitations to document recipes around the world. For the next year I worked hard on a Kickstarter to fund the project.

It failed.

I’ve tried to revive the project a few times, but each time the goal has been too grandiose.

Recently I realized that even though my Kickstarter never funded the film series it did succeed in connecting people through sharing their family recipes.

It took me a long time to see that.

Having such a public failure can be tough. But Project STIR isn’t hiding shamefully in the shadows any more.

I’m reviving the part of the project that was most successful.

Sharing recipes.

You can check out the original posts here, and I’ll be accepting new recipes to feature on a special episode of the podcast.

Submit your family recipe or story here.


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I’d love to hear about your family recipes (or stories about reframing failure) below.