Reframing Adventure

Reframing Adventure

What comes to mind when you think of adventure?

When I asked this question on Instagram most answers were related to travel… maps, new places, trains, taxis, sandy toes, gas stations. Perhaps you thought of a plane or a passport.

Travel is definitely one way to experience adventure {and one of my favorites.} But it’s not the only way. Today we’re reframing adventure to see how it can fit into our daily lives.

Reframing Adventure |

When you take a photograph you choose what to put in the frame. More sky or more land? Zoom in or zoom out? It’s the same with life. You can point your internal cameras at the word adventure and tell yourself that it’s not for you. I don’t have the money. I don’t have the time. It’s not my season.

Or you can choose to widen your frame to include more possibilities. Start to look for the opportunities for adventure that are all around you!

Pardon me while I push up my glasses and pull out the dictionary definition…

Dictionary Definition of Adventure |

I think most of us tend to associate adventure with the first definition above… something unusual and kind of dangerous like mountain climbing or hang gliding.

But I’m more interested in the second. It’s about our individual enthusiasm & resourcefulness. I love this definition because it allows us the full scope to determine what’s daring & exciting for us.

Remember how the world looked when you were a child? Everything was new and exciting! And somewhere along the way we stopped paying attention. We lost our sense of wonder.

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When I was researching for this post {Does that sound dry and boring? It’s just how my Inner Samwise works y’all.} I found this quote by Wilferd Peterson that really resonated with me and was right in line with my philosophy.

"A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints." Wilfred Peterson, The Art of Living |

First of all, I LOVE that he calls it the art of adventure! There’s a creativity in living your life this way even if you never pick up a paintbrush.

And I wholeheartedly agree… if it breaks up your routine and gives you a new perspective it’s definitely an adventure! Whether that’s reading a book, trying a new food, knitting a scarf, visiting a local museum or going for a hike.

Dickson Street Bookshop, Fayetteville AR |

So that’s one definition of adventure… something that interrupts the monotony of the day to day. Another is simply changing our perspective of what’s already there. I love this quote too…

William Feather Adventure Quote |

Planting a garden? Adventure!

Our First Garden |

Trying a new recipe? Adventure!

Hulk Pancakes | Mayi Carles | via

Trip to the thrift store? Adventure!

Smith Corona Typewriter Inspiration |

Choose to look at your life through the lens of adventure and you may be amazed what you find.

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What adventures have you had lately? Let’s chat in comments.



P. S. Ready to start your adventure? Check out my free Adventurer’s Handbook with inspiration and worksheets to help you embrace your inner adventurer.

  • Hi Sarah! Great post! My latest adventure has been trying out Pure Barre! OMG…I’m so out of shape. Sitting at a desk 40+ a week my legs are permanently sitting! It’s embarrassing. Turning 30 this year, so decided its time to try and make exercise a habit.

    Also adventuring into the kitchen, thanks to my husband. I HATE cooking. He loves it. And he’s tried, without much luck, to get me to cook with him, but we’d always end up fighting. Now we’re using Blue Apron where they mail you all the ingredients and a photo-based recipe for a few dishes a week. Now I’ve realized what was causing the problems before! I can take in the instructions visually with the photos they include, which takes the possible conflict out of him explaining everything verbally to me and us both losing our patience. While I still don’t like cooking, I’m improving, but I’m happy that each week we have an adventure together in the kitchen and its quality time.

    Funny I just realized all of my recent adventures have been trying to give things I’ve historically despised a second chance!

    Have a good one,

    • Those adventures sound awesome Denise! I’ve been pretty stationary this winter and keep telling myself I need to get moving and do some yoga. What I really want to do is go for a walk outside if we can just shake the snow!

      I’m not an auditory learner either. Love that you figured out what was stressing you out about cooking. I love photo recipes! Pioneer Woman does a lot of those where she photographs each step. They’re my favorite! 🙂 Or watching Jamie Oliver on Foodtube. I always do better with recipes if I can watch someone else do it first.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • I’m spoiled I live in Florida! I hope it warms up soon! Thanks for the referrals I’ll definitely check those out.

        I forgot to mention..the one photo you have of the book ‘L’ that’s peeking out of the shelf…totally reminded me of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! The rhyme just started playing in my head!

    • I’m a visual learner too. And I’m not too passionate about cooking. 😉 I don’t hate it as much anymore since I confronted my perfectionism – it’s hard to love learning if you are afraid that the dish won’t be perfect at your first try. I was also afraid of people seeing me in the kitchen and observing how clumsy I am. Or receiving criticism. Like you can please everyone. 😉

  • Nancy Gaines

    Hi, Sarah!

    That’s exactly how I see my life, always have!

    I can still remeber how it felt as a kid to climb a tree, explore a canyon, do flips on the “monkey bars” or learn how to ride a bike. It was just all so fun and exciting!

    I think a big part of it, why I never lost that sense of adventure was my love of reading.

    Then, having two daughters, (whom I also instilled the love of books) and being able to share in a lot of their adventures.

    And now, another grand (what I call my grandchildren) is on the way next month. If that doesnt’ scream even more adventure for me . . . I don’t know what does!! ?

    • Love how adventurous your life is Nancy!

      Yes, I do agree that reading can really keep that creative and imaginative part of your mind active. I love my books. I barely read any fiction during grad school, and I really missed it. Now I’m back to gobbling books up voraciously. 🙂

      I need to have you do a guest post sometime… maybe in May. Don’t let me forget about it! Still working on the launch for the planner and then we can talk details. 🙂

  • I never thought of myself as an adventurous person, but after reading your post, I’m realizing that I am! 🙂 I’m not a type to go bungee jumping and climb dangerous mountains. I prefer a slower, quieter way of life. But I’m constantly trying out new things, from learning new crafts, trying out recipes and new food, to explore new-to-me routes when I go running. Actually, I sometimes wish I had more routine in my life, because all the decision-making tires me, even if it is joyful. And sometimes I wish I wouldn’t be so interested in everything, I kind of miss the times when I knew what boredom was. 😀

    • Maša I LOVE that you can see your inner-adventurer now! Sometimes that can make all the difference. I’ve really been enjoying all of your ventures on Instagram. You take sure lovely photos. 🙂

  • Katharine

    Keeping a friend’s four-year-old while she took a mandatory trip out of state. THAT is adventure. Ha.

    • For sure Katharine! Kids are so full of energy!

  • I find some of the most exciting adventures come out of perceived disasters too. When I am put into a position of fear and uncertainty, I tend to become more adventurous as a result…because what choice is there?

    This reframing can take a few minutes 😉 When I was trapped in an airport for hours upon hours last Fall (on my way to meet you at Creative Live), it took me about 20…and a falafel sandwich, but as soon as it turned into another piece of an adventure, everything felt better and the story started writing itself in my mind 🙂

  • Abbigayle Rashae

    I can’t even begin to express how much I love this post! I think so many of us fall into the category of thinking adventure has to be some huge, crazy, expensive something. Really though, adventure is right out your front door! I haven’t explored everywhere in the town I live, I haven’t listened to any new music in a while, I haven’t tried a new recipe….all of these things can be adventures. Thank you so much for sharing this post with the world <3


    • Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting Rashae. 🙂 I’m so glad the post resonated with you. Wishing you many many adventures. Cheers!