Take Care

Take Care

This year I’m approaching the transition from autumn to winter with a solemnity and reverence. I’m learning about hygge and koseleg and preparing for the dark months ahead. Last year winter steamrolled me from a period of overwhelm into seasonal depression. And after the year that we’ve had it would be easy to go to a very dark place when the days are short and cold and grey.

Lets take care of ourselves shall we?

I’m doing my best to listen to my body and what she needs. Eat well. Get outside. To focus on making positive change (but not expecting it to happen overnight.) To create. To bake. To banish busywork. To find moments of gratitude.

This week I’ve gathered up some nuggets of goodness for you.

Little bits of gratitude and creativity and happiness that I hope can bring light into your days.

Enjoy a wander.


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How have you been preparing for winter? Lets chat in comments.




P.S. I’m working on a hygge self care adventure for January, February & March. If that sounds like something that may help you be sure to hop on the list below so you don’t miss it.