Tamzen & Caleb’s Engagement Film

Tamzen & Caleb’s Engagement Film

{First off… a HUGE welcome to everyone who connected with me during April’s Creative Live courses! I’m still recovering from the cross country flight and the weeklong slumber party with Kris with a K and Jen. So here’s a peek behind-the-scenes into the work that launched me into cinematography and ultimately Project STIR. Next week I’ll share my takeaway from #BelleLive.}

Last week I blogged my first {ever) love story film. This week I’m sharing my second… Tamzen & Caleb’s engagement story. We shot this last fall, before I had this blog, and had lots of fun playing in the leaves. 🙂

Tamzen & Caleb | Engagement Story from Sarah Shotts on Vimeo.

Now off to brew a cup of tea and curl up with an episode of Gilmore Girls. 🙂



P. S. A very astute reader asked how I managed to shoot my own love story last week. I did it with the magic of tripods and a very patient husband. 🙂 If you look closely you’ll notice there are never any camera movements when I’m in the frame.