What is a Chronofile?

What is a Chronofile?

Over the past three years I’ve been documenting and sharing my monthly sources of inspiration over on Patreon. Books, films, quotes, recipes, blog posts… if it captures my curiosity it gets put down.

I call it my chronofile.

The name is inspired by Buckminster Fuller… scientist, artist, inventor, poet & overall brilliant and inspiring Renaissance Man. I learned about Bucky (as he’s known by his friends) when I worked on the one man show Buckminster Fuller: The History and Mystery of the Universe during my stint in professional theatre. All summer long I had the honor of working alongside playwright and director Doug Jacobs, actor Rick Foucheaux, and a talented production team to bring this brilliant figure to life.

Buckminster was brimming with forward thinking ideas… caring for Spaceship Earth as if we were all crew members dedicated to keeping it running, the Dymaxion car, and of course his Dymaxion Chronofile … a chronological archive documenting nearly every day of his life.

My log is of a different sort, but I decided the name fit so I took a leaf from Austin Kleon and stole it.

This summer I decided to move my chronofile to the blog. The lengthier my blog became I realized that I needed a permanent archive on my own hosted website. It’s fascinating to go back and see where the seed of an idea began.

So if you’re feeling a bit stuck and need a spark of inspiration have a ramble through the chronofile and see what kindles your curiosity.