Why I’m Quitting Facebook

Why I’m Quitting Facebook

Next year the baby is coming so I’ve been taking a good long look at how I’m spending my time.

Especially online.

I know I don’t want to unplug completely, but I need to make more time for reading, rest, and making all of those cute-baby-things-for-the-nursery.


I’m finally letting go of Facebook.

The last few years I have been struggling to find a healthy balance with Facebook. It triggers anxiety, compulsive comment-checking, and completionist tendencies (which won’t let me log out until every notification is replied to.)

All of these are tied to my aspergers and are really deeply seated in how I interact with the world. Back when I was “active” on FB I checked in constantly, read every single post in 3-4 groups, replied to many, and put much much more energy into maintaining that social network that I now have to spare.

Once I realized it wasn’t a healthy way to be online I tried several strategies including month long hiatuses and only checking in on desktop, but nothing seemed to work. Last year I deleted my personal profile, but even without messages or a newsfeed I still fell into the rabbit hole of fascinating FB groups and reaching for my phone instead of picking up a good book.

Pressure to share my podcast on every platform didn’t help.

So rather than splintering my attention I’ll be focusing all of my creative connection on Instagram and Patreon next year. I may also continue to vlog, but only as long as its fun and not stressful.

Let’s make social media work for us instead of the other way around.



P.S. If you’re also struggling with social media you may enjoy this blog post on Social Media Sins by my friend Paige.